It’s all true

All of it — the Eternal Moment. Our good and glorious God creating everything — every sub-particle, every dust mote in the vast universe, every platypus, every thread of saffron and lavender, all elephants and great whales, each unique and unrepeatable person viewed sipping cappucino in a crowded city, Time, Space, Matter — all created EFFORTLESSLY, from NOTHING. HIs mysterious gift of Free Will, given along with abundant and preternatural gifts overflowing with abundant love and mercy to His first children, who didn’t trust Him and chose death over life. His plan of salvation, on a long and meandering timeline (to Him the Eternal Now) of our trust, betrayal, hesitation, stubbornness, evil, hope, suffering, but joy. The immense reverberation of His entry into our time and space, pitching his tent and dwelling intimately among us, His Incarnation, Life, Passion, Death, Resurrection, Ascension, and the Holy Spirit pouring down upon us, waiting for us to open our arms and accept his endless mercy and love — the Sacraments, Scriptures, His Holy Church — all of it. It’s true! “Who shall stand when He appeareth?”

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