Let’s love to radiate…

There’s a fantastic and intense spiritual diary written by an anonymous Irish Benedictine monk (presumably still alive) who has been called to an intense relationship in adoration of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Called In Sinu Jesu, it reads as an immense call of God for priests to adore Him and enter deeply into their vocation, with amazing passages calling to mind the Reality of His Presence!

Here’s a great one from page 169:

From In Sinu Jesu, p. 169 :

“Where there is faith in My real presence, there will be adoration; and where there is adoration, there will also be an efficacious radiance of My presence, drawing souls to My Eucharistic Heart and surrounding them, even at a distance, with the healing influence of My Eucharistic Face. …. When I am adored in a place, My hidden action upon souls is wonderfully increased. The place where I am adored becomes a radiant center from which love, life and light are diffused in a world in the grip of hatred, darkness and death.”

“Chapels of adoration are not mere refuges for the devout. They are the radiant, pulsating centres of an intense divine activity that goes beyond the walls of the place where I am adored to penetrate homes, and schools, and hospitals; to reach even those dark and cold places wherein souls are enslaved to Satan; to penetrate hearts, heal the infirm, and call home those who have wandered far from Me.”

“For these reasons, the work of perpetual adoration, or even of prolonged daily adoration, is intensely apostolic and supernaturally efficacious. …”

Take that to adoration. Whew! Prepare to radiate!

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