Beholding Him drawing more men into discernment

Seminarians of Archdiocese of Baltimore, 2018

These men are some of the best seminarians in the country. (We are totally biased as we know several of them!) Four of them will become priests in several weeks, and the rest of them will be joined by potentially many more next year to complete their discernment/formation over the next several years. These are the men who are willing to run back into the burning building.

We are running back in to save and rebuild, too, when we spend the time with Our Lord in adoration. It is a mostly hidden act of love, of the will, to commit to a regular time before the Lord (or in our homes, if we are unable to get to church or chapel) and then DO IT, week in and week out. Most times I am ready and willing to venture out and keep my appointment with the Dearest One. Sometimes, though, it is difficult, especially a night hour. But — we need diocesan priests and religious sisters, brothers and priests. Most of us are not called to such a radical vocation — one of the deepest ways to support them, and encourage them, is to commit to regular prayer before the Blessed Sacrament if we are able.

Our Lady, Queen and Mother of Priests, Religious, and Seminarians, pray for us! Draw many more of us into a deeper relationship with your Son in the Blessed Sacrament, on behalf of our brothers and sisters who are discerning the priesthood and religious life!

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